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The inspiring and insightful speech of Apple CEO Steve Jobs (1955-2011) on how iPad shapes up publishing industry. To take part, publish now with Publikas.

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★ Publish anything From catalogs to brochures or magazines... Anything you print, you can publish on iPad.
★ Customize your way Customize the app the way you like to brand it.
★ Start instantly Once you decide, you can publish within days if not hours. It's always on!
★ Process seamlessly Adobe, Quark, Microsoft or something else... whatever software you use, it seamlessly integrates.
★ Sit back & Relax You don't have to do anything. We will take care of everything else...
★ Reach a premium audience Reach to 200 million+ Apple users - a truly premium audience
★ Go green(er) Without paper, become environmentally friendly and become even greener.
★ Distribute globally Let the world be your market. Reach beyond limits of geographic distribution...
★ Publish limitlessly Publish as many issues as you like. All included and there is no extra cost.
★ Enhance experience Let your readers immerse in your publication with video, audio and more.
★ Maximize readership Reach a wider audience digitally. Let them have your publication.
★ Cut your costs Free yourself from physical costs such as printing and distribution.
Enjoy all-inclusive prices and possibly the most affordable ever prices of Publikas.

About: Learn more about Publikas

Publikas is the complete professional turn-key solution to digitally publish any marketing communications document on Apple iPad.

What makes Publikas unique, is its pure focus on free marketing publications. While current digital publishing solutions are focusing on monetizing titles of giant publishers - like Wired, Times, etc.; Publikas focuses purely on marketing communications for brands and corporations - which are distributed for free.

And now, thanks to Publikas, brands can digitally publish their very own beautiful brochures, catalogs, reports, etc. on iPad - with the same cutting edge technology, which has been literally available to only giants.

So far, the other option has been setting up a brand app, but now that Publikas offers this solution at a possibly at the most affordable prices, that isn't much of an option anymore.

Publikas products are designed to be native extensions to your current publication; so they integrate and digitize your existing publication designs effortlessly. Additionally, you can also make more of the digitally enhanced version of your publication as well.

Publikas supports and works with all current publishing design software, namely Adobe, Quark and others - even MS Word. So, no matter how you prepare your publication, Publikas can publish it beautifully and effortlessly.

Should you have questions or simply to request a call-back, please do contact us.

Pricing: Possibly the most affordable prices

Publication Application

Publication application is briefly the container application for your publication. It enables the total branding, from app icon to splash page - or to app name... Also, it hosts the core technology to enable the best reading experience for your audience.

Publikas Brochure £999- / year
Publikas Catalog
Publikas Report
Publikas Menu
Publikas Book

Publication Content

Publication content is briefly pages (and multimedia content - if any) of your publication. Base prices cover your currently designed pages, so it's a pretty defined and straightforward process. However, inclusion of multimedia content - like cover video, 360 rotating products, image galleries, etc. require special hand-crafted work. And therefore priced tailored to your needs. Yet, all is possible with Publikas!

  16 p.* 32 p.* 64 p.* 128 p.* 256p.* 256p. +
Publikas Brochure £599- £699- £799- £899- £999- **
Publikas Catalog
Publikas Report
Publikas Menu
Publikas Book

(*) Yearly application setup and publishing fee of £999- isn't included in content prices.

(**) If your publication is more than 256 pages, please consult us for a special pricing.

(***) Advanced multimedia functionalities such as video, interactivity, etc. are available at extra production cost.
Should you need these extra features for your digital publication, please consult us on pricing.

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